This will be my third year as principal and we are slowly but steadily growing in size. Most of our growth is in Pre-school/Kindergarten grades. We are thankful for the parents entrusting our school and staff with their children.

We are planning interesting and educational events throughout the school year. We welcome and encourage parents to become involved as volunteers or with our trips outside the school. However, there is a requirement for parents to have background checks prior to assisting with school events. Please contact the office for more information.

God has always blessed what has been accomplished here. We continue to improve the facilities and environment for the students and families. If you have any talents that would assist us in making this school a better environment, we are always looking for help. Particularly, donating time and talent with the maintenance and upkeep of the school. It takes a great deal of additional work to keep this school open. Much more behind the scenes that just the educational requirements.

We encourage parents to become more involved with the children’s education and curriculum. Any questions, suggestions or ideas are welcomed by myself and the staff.

God bless!

Principal Jack Bliesath